TRU Potential Self-Empowerment Program

TRU Potential is a program that assists individuals in finding
their life’s purpose and  develops their full and optimal potential.
We believe that once a person knows who they are and what their
purpose is; when life challenges occur they are better able to
overcome them because they understands themselves and their
capabilities. Our program combines social media with thought
provoking exercises designed to integrate participants’ interaction.
The goal of which is to develop awareness. It provides an opportunity
for each participant to take a retrospective and introspective look at themselves.


1. A wide range of tools and activities both for informational and decision making purposes are provided. Participants are able to identify their goals, dreams and passions, perform detailed analysis on areas they identified and use the outcome to form the basis for their new reality.

2. Participants move from a position of dependency to sustainable independence to interdependence.

3. Participants take negative situations and/or circumstances and effectively realign them into positive learning experience.

4. Participants develop life tools and skill: self-advocacy and ability to effectively access appropriate community resources, effective communication, problem solving, creative thinking, time management and other essential life skills.

5. Individuals live balanced lives as a result of learning effective personal arrangement strategies to become strategic at contributing to their communities.

The workshop is divided into three categories: Identify, Motivate and Achieve

Under the Identify category, participants take a introspective and
retrospective look at themselves.

Under the Motivate category, participants are encouraged to start
thinking about and preparing to move towards their next life steps based on the inventory they indentified.

Under the Achieve category, participants are now in a position to go even further to realize their dreams/passion based on the inventory they indentified. At this stage they are preparing to make meaningful steps. Participants are ready to follow through on what they have not only thought about but have articulated.

Once an individual completes the TRU Potential Self-Empowerment program, they are in a position to make life changing decisions: this could mean going to school, seeking employment or becoming an entrepreneur. Participants will not leave the program the same way they came: instead, they will be transformed!


Phone: 647-282-0050 

TRU Potential

Our mission is to provide a supportive atmosphere for individuals to interact and engage in their own personal growth and development. A TRU Potential workshop is a fun, educational and self-reflective opportunity for growth and development.

Our goal is to assist both adults and youth in realizing their strengths and abilities through group interaction, open dialogue, strategic questions and exercises. 

Individuals are encouraged and empowered to look closely at themselves and come up with strategic opportunities and alliances that will assist them in achieving their personal and professional goals.